Project Leaders

Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company – is a public-private company owned by Thales Alenia Space and the Italian Space Agency. It is the Italian centre of excellence for the provision of engineering and logistical services. It supports the operations and utilisation of the International Space Station as well as the development and realisation of planetary exploration missions. Altec also follows medical and space biotechnology programmes on the International Space Station.
All these activities are centred on gravitational physiology, man in space technologies and methodologies with the astronauts’ activities, ergonomic astronautical activities. Among its facilities, Altec owns the Neutral Buoyancy Test Facility (NBTF) in Turin — a neutral buoyancy tank to simulate reduced gravity activities, offering Europe unique characteristics, so that has been inserted as one of its Ground Based Facilities by the European Space Agency, to offer researchers from all across Europe seeking support in the absence of simulated gravity.

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Divers Alert Network Europe – is an international non-profit organisation assisting divers and conducting safety scientific research since 1983. DAN Europe’s commitment to medical research is very broad and investigates various aspects of diving, including diving technology, physiology and hyperbaric medicine, pathophysiology, ergonomics. Results obtained by DAN scientists have become a point of reference for the international medical and diving community.

Apnea Academy – is a Freediving Training and Research School, linked indissolubly to the name of its founder and current president, Umberto Pelizzari, a world deep freediver champion. The word “Academy” expresses the concept of permanent association of researchers who gather together to deepen the knowledge of the freediving discipline. That was the founding idea, and that is what Apnea Academy wants to stay in today’s spirit and initiative. Since its establishment, Apnea Academy has set itself the objective of contributing to scientific research in the specific area of freediving. Thus in 2000, the scientific group Apnea Academy Research ( was constituted, formed by of hyperbaric doctors, otolaryngologists, nutritionists and other types of professionals.