SKY network to broadcast a TV series featuring the research of DAN & Altec.

Turin, 04 May 2016 – DAN Europe and ALTEC SpA have partnered up to research the effects of deep ocean diving and space exploration. The two safety and research organisations have signed a memorandum with the aim to investigate the effects of extreme environments on the human body. This collaboration will open up the field of research for people with extreme fitness levels to people with lesser abilities.

For instance, Altec’s neutral buoyancy tub offers a means of investigating the Neutral Buoyancy techniques of both space activities and conditions, as well as the optimal conditions for scuba diving.

One of the first initiatives stemming from this collaboration is the SkiScubaSpace project, dedicated to researching the physiological and pathophysiological aspects of extreme skiing at high-altitudes, underwater diving, flying and being in space.

The project has attracted the interest of the Apnea Academy, together with its founder and apnea record holder Umberto Pelizzari. Meanwhile, TV programme ICARUS 2.0 will feature the project during a series of ten themed episodes on SKY networks and Eurovision.

Thanks to the internationally renowned expertise of both DAN and Altec, this agreement will help create networking opportunities as well as strengthen ties between institutions and researchers interested in cross-sectional research in biomedical areas and neighbouring fields: sports, aviation, diving and space.

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