SkiScubaSpace project jumps on board the legendary OSTAR.

La Spezia, Friday 19 May 2017 – A solo yachtman who crosses the Ocean; a startup that creates biomedical wearables; an innovative research project that studies the human body’s reactions in extreme conditions. Combine these elements and you’ll have a mix that is bound to surprise you.

On the next 29th of May, Michele Zambelli, a young Italian sailing champion, will leave for the OSTAR (Original Singlehanded Transatlantic Race) wearing special garments designed by ComfTech for the SkiScubaSpace project.

Michele will cover approximately 3000 nautical miles (5556 km), from the British port of Plymouth to Newport, Rhode Island, in the United States. The challenging navigation, carried out from East to West with northerly headwinds, will put to the test the athlete’s skills, and at the same time will provide precious data for innovative research. A complex system of sensors integrated in the t-shirts that he will be wearing, will allow to monitor continuosly – and in a non-invasive way – his biomedical parameters, among which cardiac activity and respiratory rate. Tha data will be collected and analyzed by a specific App, and sent via satellite transmission to the operations center, where the researchers will be able to verify that the system works, and process the received information.

The initiative wants to establish the first instrumental test for SkiScubaSpace, an ambitious scientific project, designed by DAN Europe (international network for diving medical assistance) and ALTEC (Italian center of excellence providing engeneering and logistic services in support of the International Space Station), whose aim is to establish a complex network able to monitor in real time the physiological parameters of athletes and enthusiasts who practice sports in extreme environments. The official presentation of SkiScubaSpace will soon be held at Y-40 The Deep Joy, the deepest diving pool in the world, another important partner of the project.

Why choosing a yachtsman and the OSTAR for the instrumental tests? The answer lies in a famous quote by Eric Tabarly, who, telling of his victory in the 1962 edition, stated: the OSTAR is not a regatta, but a feat… The cold, the opposing currents, and the icebergs are in fact the main elements of this transatlantic race that pushes skippers to always navigate to the limit, both physically and mentally. Along the route of the Titanic, the elements become the challenge and the challenge becomes the man, in a race towards the finish line, but also towards personal resilience. This is why these are the ideal conditions for testing and recording important physiological parameters, live and on site, at the service of science.

You can follow Michele Zambelli’s enterprise live during the entire transatlantic crossing:

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